Every year, I create a pretty comprehensive guide to the NextGen experience at Orange. You can find this year’s guide right here: ULTIMATE NEXTGEN ORANGE 2019 GUIDE

I’m going to share with you THREE THINGS that will certainly UPGRADE your Orange Experience. But, before I get to the three – I’ll cover the two runner ups.

TAKE THE NEXTGEN SURVEY: I know, it’s not really an Orange 2019 experience upgrade. But don’t ignore the value. When you fill out the survey, you will be added to the official NextGen/Family Ministry list. From this list, you will be notified of special NextGen events and resources (including an invite to NEXT, the “invite only” event for NextGen Pastors every January. By filling out the survey, you’ll also get some free resources that will help you NOW!

JOIN THE I AM NEXTGEN FACEBOOK GROUP: I could easily argue that joining this group will upgrade your Orange 2019 experience. Through the group, you’ll make connections that you can make IRL while at Orange. The conversations in this group are amazing and the community of 600+ are always quick to respond to questions.

Now let’s talk about the THREE THINGS that will UPGRADE your Orange 2019 Experience. Don’t delay though, the opportunities are limited and if you wait, you’ll miss it.


This year, we are offering more than 75 one on one, 25-minute coaching sessions. We have 20+ of the greatest minds in Children’s, Youth, and NextGen Ministry leading these coaching sessions.

Need to work through a challenge. Pick a coach and time that works for you. Have a youth or children’s pastor who needs some helpful advice? Sign him or her up for a quick session. This is a great opportunity to make a personal investment in yourself and/or your team.

My personal friend and mentor, Jim Wideman, always told me, “Everyone does better with a coach.”


This year we have scheduled two NextGen MeetUps. Thursday at lunch (at Crosspoint where all the NextGen breakouts are) and Thursday after Seriously Night (at Tin Lizzie’s on the back patio).

These MeetUps are casual opportunities to connect with other people who do what you do. The conversation is always personal and practical. Bring your questions and get input and offer input. Most importantly, leave with new friendships that will help you further down the road.


Wait, what in the world is this?

So, at the arena there is general seating for the thousands. However, there are also dozens of reserved suites surrounding the arena, giving participants a birds eye view of everything.

This year, YouLead and Ministry Boost have reserved a booth and are hosting Suite Parties at every session on Thursday and Friday. Space is very limited, but you can RSVP for a seat during one of these sessions.

Suite Parties are another great opportunity to connect with NextGen leaders who do what you do.

Take advantage of all these opportunities over at the ULTIMATE NEXTGEN ORANGE 2019 GUIDE