Friends. we have some AMAZING content this year in the NextGen track at the Orange conference. Here are the breakouts we’re offering this week. Also, we’re including all the resources that speakers shared in their breakouts. Just click the button below each breakout to download the bonus content.

Boost My Ministry Leadership

Kevin Monahan, Nick Blevins, Kenny Conley

When it comes to ministry, we shouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just about every challenge we face has already been tackled. Someone else has hit the goal we have our eyes on. Someone has already blazed the trail. Whether you’re a ministry newbie or a 20-year veteran, sometimes everyone needs a boost. This interactive breakout will explore three big ideas that will help you fast forward growth personally and for your ministry.

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Build A Leadership Team For The Future

Jon Birkmire

If you want to plan strategically for the future, you need the right voices in the room. But who, exactly, are those voices? Who are the people you can trust to help guide your ministry to be effective, healthy, and thriving many years from now? The answers might surprise you.

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Create A One Year Ministry Plan

Vince Parker

Sunday is always coming––like a freight train. If you’ve ever felt like you just can’t get ahead, you’re not alone. Take a bird’s-eye look at the rhythm of your year and ask yourself the hard questions: Are my events and programming strategic? Is there something I could start (or stop) doing to make a greater impact? Join us as we explore how when you take the time to build a comprehensive plan, every part of your ministry takes on new meaning and purpose.

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Develop An Effective Coaching System

Frank & Jessica Bealer

Congratulations! You have volunteers! The hard part is over, right? Wrong. Having volunteers is just one variable in the equation. And if you want to lead your leaders well, it’ll require you to implement a coaching system that provides ongoing training, encouragement, and intentional listening. It’ll take work and patience to put this into place, but we’re here to help!

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Maximize My Time As A NextGen Pastor

Gina McClain

Leading ministry for kids or students is full and consuming work, we all know that. But leading a NextGen team is a whole new level of busy. NextGen leaders walk a delicate line between leading the staff and volunteers who lead the next generation and leading and serving the lead pastor and those who lead the church. Talk about a lot of meetings and conversations to manage! What should your week look like? What meetings should you be leading? What meetings should you be in? How do you maximize your time to make the biggest impact for both the ministry you lead and the church you serve? In his breakout, learn how to take back your calendar and bring purpose and efficiency to your days, weeks, and months.

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Structure NextGen Staff To Move Further Faster

Dan Doerksen

The NextGen ministry model is a fairly new concept. It’s a different paradigm of leading ministry; however, most churches still staff and lead like they did in 1995. Is it possible that your staffing structure is getting in your way? Maybe your biggest challenge isn’t a lack of staff, but how you’ve organized your staff. Let’s think outside the box and consider staffing structures that will help you move further and faster.

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Hire, Onboard And Equip NextGen Staff For Success

Nina Schmidgall

Most leaders desire to build an amazing staff team, but so many aren’t exactly sure how to do it. Hiring, developing, and leading a healthy staff team is much harder than it seems. It requires an intentional strategy, a commitment to unity, and an unwavering persistence. It’s a challenge, but there are few things more rewarding than creating an environment where team members work together and reach their full potential.

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Build A Comprehensive NextGen Strategy For Families

Nick Blevins

Ministry to the next generation can be chaotic. You’re constantly juggling volunteers, resources, events, curriculum, and a million other pieces every single week. But what about parents, those people who hold most of the influence? Are they getting our best? As a leader, you need a plan to inspire, challenge and equip parents to lead their families. What if you could take a step back from the week-to-week whirlwind to do just that? Join us in this breakout as we build a clear and comprehensive plan that will change everything for the families in your church.

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