One of the questions most asked by NextGen leaders is: What does your organizational chart look like?

And let me tell you, I’ve become a collector of NextGen Org Charts over the years. Why? Because I’m fascinated by the variety of ways in which you can staff the NextGen ministry. I’d even say that one of my proudest ministry moments was when I deviated from the norm and began experimenting with our staff model. It’s always a fun conversation.

Dan Doerksen is a good ministry friend of mine. He leads the family ministry at a small church in Manitoba, Canada. Years ago, Dan, his senior pastor, and I sat across from each other at a Panera bread and talked about exploring different ways of staffing the ministry. They went back to Canada, thought through how an alternative staffing model would look in their small church – and then they did it. I love Dan’s story and how he’s become quite the expert on alternative staffing models.

Do you have staffing issues like these?

  • You don’t have enough staff
  • You have the wrong staff in the wrong positions
  • You have the wrong staff in the right positions
  • You have the right staff in the wrong positions
  • You have very segmented staff teams

Last month, Dan led a breakout at Orange called: STRUCTURE NEXTGEN STAFF TO MOVE FURTHER FASTER

It was an AMAZING breakout. So good. People were texting in all their questions, but we ran out of time. At the end of the breakout, I promised that Dan and I would do record a Q & A to share with everyone who attended the breakout. Last week we finally made the Q & A video. You can watch it below.

If you enjoyed the Q & A and it leaves you wanting more information – there’s good news. Dan and I are leading an “on demand” course with ministry boost called “Rethink Staff Structure.” The course will go into far more of the application side of alternative staffing models and will provide a process for you to figure out what will work best for your situation.

For more information, check out the Ministry Boost course HERE!