Wow! Orange 2018 is over and it’s back to normal life. Sort of, right? The point of conferences like Orange is that things don’t go back to normal again. The big idea is that something changes. It’s an idea. A new perspective. Maybe it’s some new relationships. Whatever it is, hopefully, something has changed and this week (and every week after) is a little different than before.

The NextGen track at Orange was STRONG. So much content to help NextGen leaders get to the next level of their leadership. However, something interesting always happens at the Orange Conference. I always get this feeling that we’re actually just starting something. Amazing content is delivered, but conversations about this content are just getting started. There’s actually more to come, much more.

So, let’s start by just calling this “Bonus Content.”

The last two breakouts of the NextGen track were pretty amazing. The panel on culture was one of the most exciting and helpful panels I’ve experienced. EVERYONE was leaning in… so cool. The strategy breakout was similar. A breakout on strategy can go a lot of different ways. However, there was this idea concerning strategy that was so intriguing. As Nick, Nina and I were preparing the content, we all got this crazy idea that what we were going to share would be disruptive. Based on feedback, it was.

So, there’s some bonus content to send your way:

  • We’re putting together some documents of notes connected to the last two breakouts of the NextGen track.
  • We’re expanding some of the content from both of these breakouts. Some of the ideas shared need more development.
  • We’re going to host some additional conversations about strategy and culture in the coming months.

So, here’s how this is going to work. Next week, I’m going to send out the notes from last week’s breakouts. First of all, I’m going to publish the notes to the iamnextgen facebook group. If you’re a NextGen Pastor, you can join this group and access the notes there. I’ll also distribute the notes to everyone who has subscribed to Either way, you’ll get the notes.

However, the additional “bonus content” will develop in the coming weeks and months. Updates will be sent to the facebook group and subscribers. You’re not going to want to miss this. So, CLICK HERE and join the IAMNEXTGENcommunity!