Author: Kenny Conley

What is NextGen?

The most common questions I am asked. “What is NextGen?” Isn’t it obvious? I mean, simply googling NextGen should clarify what it is, right? 1st search:  Used when talking about video game systems that are coming out or have just come out. Example:Why buy next gen when you can always get a SNES? 2nd search: Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also known as ST:TNG or TNG. Next Gen is on the Sci-Fi channel. Example:Next Gen is on the Sci-Fi channel. 3rd search:  When something is super dope it is the best thing going. Example:Dude she is next gen. Okay, so...

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I Am Nextgen

Welcome to! This site is nearly a decade in the making. Today marks the 9th anniversary of becoming a NextGen Pastor. Yes, nine years ago today I began the most challenging, most mysterious, most lonely and most exciting role I would ever hold. On May 1st, 2008, I became a NextGen Pastor. Back in 2008, I only knew five other NextGen Pastors, but only four of them counted: There was a Family Ministry Pastor at a church in Vegas (I honestly don’t remember his name). I had interviewed there for a multi-site children’s pastor role. Ten minutes into...

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