Thank you for attending the “Navigating Infertility and Infant Loss” breakout. It was one of the first time’s I’ve shared my story in that context and I appreciate the opportunity to tell it. Thank you for being so gracious. I hope that the content will inspire you to be an advocate for grieving┬áparents at your church an in your community. My prayer is that people would find your church as a safe place to process their loss.

Below are two resources. The first is a modified┬áversion of my notes. I took out the introductions and such, but I left the statistics and lists that I shared with you. The second is a copy of the “Made Know Pamphlet For the Church.” Made Known is the event my wife and I helped write. Not only is it an amazing event for families, but the Made Known resource also contains pamphlets for various audiences impacted by miscarriage/infant loss (including pamphlets for mom, for dad, for family, for parents, for friends and for the church).